The Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program

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The Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program

Dreams in the making


“When Enid and I started Canyon Ranch, we were dreaming of a place where people could learn about health and wellness because we knew how powerful a healthy lifestyle could be. We also envisioned being able to reach people in underserved communities with the same message of optimal health. That’s how Canyon Ranch Institute came to be. We will forever be blessed by having both of our wonderful dreams come true.” – Mel Zuckerman

Canyon Ranch Institute is a nonprofit public charity that makes Canyon Ranch healthy living programs and education available in low-income communities everywhere. To learn more or to add your support, please visit

More than 300 men and women from low-income communities have completed the Canyon Ranch Institute® Life Enhancement Program® (CRI LEP). Based on the integrative health messages delivered at the Life Enhancement Center® in Tucson, CRI LEP is presented through partnerships with health care organizations that share CRI’s passion for a healthier world.

CRI LEP Partners and Locations:

  • Urban Health Plan community health center, South Bronx, New York
  • The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Sullivan County Memorial Hospital, Milan, Missouri
  • El Rio Community Health Center, Tucson, Arizona

Numbers Talk
Important indicators are measured for each participant before and after the program, and one year later. A few notable outcomes:
  • Total cholesterol down 16%
  • Inflammation indicator down 35%
  • Physical activity in the past month up 96%
  • Number of pushups up 35%
  • Depression down 54%
  • Stress down 30%
  • Health knowledge up 22%
  • Number of mentally and physically healthy days up 42%


“I wish someone had told me how to live this way – I would have done this years ago. I smile more now; life is totally different.”

Monserrate Perez
CRI LEP in South Bronx, New York

“When I started CRI LEP, I was at a very low point in my life. During the program, I learned the skill of setting small goals for a change that I can be successful with. And now, one small step at a time, I’m working my way back to a healthy ME!”

Rebecca Plotner
CRI LEP in Tucson, Arizona