Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach

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Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach

The beach just got better!

It’s hard to imagine improving on nature.

However, after a series of damaging hurricanes left the local shoreline depleted, the Miami-Dade County Shore Protection Project achieved this unlikely feat. Now the 750 feet of pristine beach at the doorstep of Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach is more expansive and even more beautiful.

The overall goal of the Shore Protection Project is to bring back the unspoiled Miami oceanfront and protect it from future storms. In the first phase of the re-nourishment effort, more than 250,000 cubic yards of sand were brought in to augment our beach, which is one of the loveliest and least-crowded in South Florida.

The appeal of this spectacular beach transcends species, too. From May to the end of October, a few nesting sea turtles regularly select our clean, environmentally rich beach as the perfect place to lay their eggs. When that happens, guests rally round to see that the new hatchlings make it safely to the water.>

We hope all of our guests, both human and otherwise, enjoy our gorgeously restored expanse of beach. It’s a gift to all.