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Healthy Relationship with Food

“Does anyone still think it’s all about the weight?”

Ann Pardo, Director of Life Management at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, asks that question of the guests at the Life Enhancement Center® late in every Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program. At that point, the participants are most of the way through an intensive week of presentations, assessments, consultations, activities and group discussions – all designed to empower them in their quest for better health.

“So far, not one person has said ‘yes,’” she says.

“They’ve gotten all their numbers and come to see that what anybody needs to do to maintain a reasonable weight is, in theory, clear – first, address any medical issues that affect weight, and then it’s a matter of exercising enough and sleeping enough and eating enough to take care of their metabolism. And once they’ve been through this week, they absolutely know how to do all that.”

The challenge, of course, is actually doing it once they’re back in the world.

“And that’s why we talk about where the real trouble is: When we don’t love ourselves and don’t get enough out of our relationships with others – when we care more than we are cared for – one thing that happens is extra weight.”

Fortunately, one of the strengths of the Weight Loss Program – held in the warm, retreat-like setting of the Life Enhancement Center – is that guests eat three meals a day together, work out together all week, and form warm, supportive relationships with one another and with the professionals who lead the week.

Life Enhancement Program® Director Jim Eastburn, who has presided over countless weeks at the Center, is struck by both the diversity of the people who come for the Weight Loss Program, and by their solidarity with and kindness to one another.

“We get people who’d like to lose 10 pounds and people who have been told that they must lose 150, and they all relate to one another in a really positive way. We’ve had lots of terrific bonding among participants over the years, but there’s something about these groups that’s been truly special,” he says.

Ann recalls a group of guests who became good friends during a recent program and who have stayed in close touch with one another.

“I’ve talked with a number of them since, and they all tell me the same thing: They are happier than they have ever been in their lives. That is quite an outcome.”

What’s Different About Canyon Ranch Weight Loss?

Whether you choose to participate in a weeklong program at the Life Enhancement Center® (held most months), a Path to Healthy Weight featured event at Canyon Ranch in Lenox (offered several times a year) or an always-available weight-loss focused Health Package at either of the resorts or at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, you’ll find a uniquely comprehensive, whole-person approach.

Canyon Ranch Weight Loss is:

  • Integrative. Guests learn from and consult with physicians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, life management therapists, movement therapists, alternative healing experts and other Health & Wellness professionals to get a complete picture of their health status and create a personalized take-home plan for lasting success.
  • Science-based. Guests receive the most accurate Resting Metabolic Rate testing available, as well as extensive lab testing, so that there’s no guesswork about their caloric needs.
  • Personalized. As Param Dedhia, M.D., one of the designers and co-leaders of the Weight Loss Program at the Life Enhancement Center, tells guests, “One size doesn’t even work for clothing. How could it possibly work for weight loss?”
  • Truly supportive. Guests have the option to receive coaching at home from the professionals with whom they’ve connected during their stay, so they can get their questions answered and fine-tune their lifestyle long after they’ve left Canyon Ranch.

Learn more about this highly effective program at canyonranch.com by visiting the Weight Loss Program for details.

Guest Reclaims Health& Solves Weight-Loss Impasse

The key to weight loss for Canyon Ranch in Tucson guest Claude Ganz was unrestricted access to great food.

As a Holocaust survivor, “Food deprivation has always been an issue for me,” he says. “I’ve tried everything under the sun to lose weight. I’m able to do it for a few weeks but not to sustain it. That was what brought me to Canyon Ranch the first time, 23 years ago. Two things are fantastic at Canyon Ranch – one, the food is absolutely superb. Two, I can go back to the counter as many times as I like. It’s a very secure feeling – I don’t eat more because I know I can.”

A vacation of need
The retired CEO of a multinational company and a venture capitalist and philanthropist, Claude says weight has been a lifelong obstacle – but it was a more immediate issue that brought him and his wife, Lynn, back to Canyon Ranch for a month last October.

Using a walker after a near-fatal bout of viral pneumonia left him debilitated and physically unstable, Claude found recovery difficult. “I was scared to move because I could fall,” he says. He was encouraged by the recollection of a conversation with Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman during his first visit to the Ranch. “He talked about how sick he had been, and how he turned it around.

“I came to Canyon Ranch because I needed to,” says Claude. “To get stronger, and to be medically supervised – no one else offered that. This place helps you put it all together. It’s one-stop shopping.”

The road to recovery
Using a combination of aquatic exercises, working on the underwater treadmill and daily Burdenko classes for strength and balance, he regained strength in his legs. “After two weeks, I was off my walker. Two weeks later, I walked to breakfast without stopping, using only my cane.”

While at the Ranch, he also lost 10 pounds. “The food here is very satisfying,” he says. “They don’t restrict you, but teach you to count calories. It’s very easy for me to eat smaller portions. I never feel deprived. I’ve been eating 1,500 calories a day, and lost one-third of a pound a day – it’s math.”

Being able to choose from an unlimited menu of healthy food proved to be the weight-loss solution he’d long been seeking. “If you’re too controlled, it’s counterproductive,” he says. “It doesn’t teach you to live in the real world that I’m about to re-enter. I’ve learned to control it.”