Renewal – Across the Generations

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Renewal – Across the Generations

by Enid & Mel Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch Founders

Both of us often find ourselves thinking about the birth of Canyon Ranch some 31 years ago and its continuing evolution over the decades. We have always wanted it to be our family’s legacy and contribution to the world. You may know that we created the Ranch when we were at mid-life, with the help of our son, who was then in his mid-20s. He continues to have a home here today. His daughter, who is now 30, and her husband both have important roles in the company, as does our son-in-law. Keeping the Canyon Ranch mission a family value has been very important to us. We are very aware, every day of the year, that our loyal guests have also found our mission worthy of being a family value. We often see the faces of people we’ve known since our opening. They come back to the Ranch faithfully, and now bring their grown children and sometimes their grandchildren. Seeing them together always gets to us. This is what Canyon Ranch was always meant to be – a place where people establish healthy habits and pass along the legacy.

We love the way grandparents, parents, sons and daughters relate to one another here. We recently met a father and his three sons who make this their annual bonding trip. We also know of a young woman who comes here every year with her dad – it’s their special time, with no one else invited. And we’ve seen grandparents and grown grandchildren who have such special relationships – they each enjoy Canyon Ranch in their own way, and they enjoy having the time together. Many mothers and daughters come here together, of course. One duo told us that, back in their often hectic daily lives, they sign their emails to each other “Canyon Ranch forever!”

Maybe we’re thinking about this lately because of our Zuckerman “baby boom” of the last few years. New grandchildren and a first great-grandchild, too! Every one of them will be brought up with a love for healthy living. Could there be a better gift for anyone’s family?

Enid & Mel Zuckerman Canyon Ranch Founders