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Canyon Ranch at Home

The Best-Kept Ranch Secret

You come to a Canyon Ranch health resort, eat well, tune up your exercise regimen, consult with some caring health professionals and leave feeling great, with every intention of continuing on the healthy new path you’ve found.

But after a month or two, you find that you’re backsliding. Or maybe you’re sticking with your healthy new patterns (yeah!), but you have some questions, or you’d like some advice about getting to the next level.

You need Follow-Up At Home, convenient 25- or 50-minute remote sessions with your favorite Canyon Ranch physician, exercise physiologist, nutritionist, Life Management therapist, Chinese medicine practitioner or spiritual services provider. You can communicate via phone or email or Skype video conferencing, and receive all the resources, encouragement and answers you need to stay on track.

“It can absolutely be whatever works for the guest,” says Chrissy Wellington, M.S., C.N.S., L.D.N., C.P.T., a nutritionist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox who has coached a number of guests. “Currently, I’m in touch with a male guest who checks in every month or two, and with a female guest who sends me her food diary every day via email.

“She and I talk for a half-hour once a week and I give her homework for the coming week: Instead of going to get ice cream when she feels down, for example, taking herself out for a walk. Or, maybe, one week, setting the fork down and breathing between bites. The next time we talk she’ll tell me how it went.

“I think that she’s found the structure and encouragement to be helpful – and it’s really more about that than about me supplying her with information. Like so many folks, she unfortunately doesn’t have great support at home for the changes she’s making – and we all need that from somewhere.

“She’s lost more than 20 pounds since spring and has been working out regularly. She was back here in July, looking just wonderful.

“My goal is that the guests’ at-home contact with me be yet another tool they can use in what is, necessarily, an ongoing and very individual process of living healthier.”

While you’re on property, you can schedule Follow-Up At Home coaching by speaking with your Program Advisor or with the practitioner you would like to follow up with, or at the Health & Healing reception desk.

To schedule an appointment from home call:
Canyon Ranch in Tucson 800-975-8880, Ext. 4419
Canyon Ranch in Lenox 800-225-9878