Canyon Ranch Institute®

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Canyon Ranch Institute®

Reaching Diverse Communities to Inspire Hope & Health

 “My original and eternal hope was that Canyon Ranch would be able to reach out to the people who need us, not just the guests who can afford us.” With these words, Canyon Ranch Founder and Chairman Mel Zuckerman inspired the non-profit Canyon Ranch Institute® and its partners to develop the Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program® (CRI LEP) and share Canyon Ranch with as many low-income communities as possible.

Canyon Ranch guests have experienced life-affirming results for more than 20 years at the Life Enhancement Program in Tucson. Today, the CRI LEP transfers the best practices of Canyon Ranch to underserved communities.

The evidence-based CRI LEP has helped people in poor communities lose weight, improve flexibility and balance, reduce depression, reverse chronic diseases and increase health literacy.

CRI LEP participants range from patients of a community health center in the South Bronx, New York, to young adults in poverty-blighted neighborhoods in Cleveland to residents of a rural farming community in Missouri. A new CRI LEP will start in 2011 for employees of McDonald’s restaurants in Tucson, Arizona.

“Working with funders and partners, Canyon Ranch Institute is extending Mel and Enid’s vision,” explains Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, Canyon Ranch vice chairman, Canyon Ranch Institute president, and 17th U.S. Surgeon General (2002-2006). “Canyon Ranch Institute empowers people in economically struggling communities the way that Canyon Ranch empowers guests. We are helping people in the toughest of circumstances connect to deeply personal reasons to follow their unique journeys toward optimal health and joyful living.”

Visions don’t always become reality, but the CRI LEP results tell us to keep going. As one CRI LEP participant from the South Bronx said, “Before, I didn’t leave the house. I gave up on going out. I stayed at home. This program has awakened my interest in life!”

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